Zometool can be seen as the language of the structure of space. Space organizes itself around beautiful geometrical relationships that govern both natural and human-built structures, and Zometool translates these relationships into a simple and elegant system that enhances learning, creativity and fun. Color- and shape-coded components lead users to startling discoveries about the nature of space in 2-, 3- and higher dimensions.

Even though Zometool has been used by Nobel and Wolf Prizewinning scientists – notably Linus Pauling, Richard Smalley (who discovered Buckyballs), and Dan Shechtman (who discovered quasicrystals) – it was designed for kids, because kids learn new "languages" better than adults.

The members of our team are talking Hungarian, German and English. We hold special MathArt-classes, organize interactive exhibitions, trainings.

We build giant constructions with the ZomeTool and much more: we build communities! Invite our ZomeTool Workshop to your school, conference, artistic or scientific event!

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